The photo on the left is from the REAL Elle’s Instagram. The one on the right is fake. How do I know this? Well you complete ignorant people I know because one posted the actual photo 2 DAYS AGO and now this fake is posting the SAME photo with the SAME caption trying to be Elle. Like guys lets be real. Are you going to believe some account that posted the same photo 16 hours ago as it says on the photo? Or the girl with a private account who posted the same photo two days ago?

Elle has her account private for a reason. She doesn’t want fans following her account, she does not want her pictures to be posted all over the Internet and she most certainly does not want people to make fake accounts of her using HER photos. Can we all PLEASE stop this now? This is such a childish yet serious problem. You can go to jail for this for one, all of you posers are lucky that Elle herself doesn’t report you.

I am not trying to be mean or come off as a bitch but this needs to stop. You’re not gaining anything by pretending to be Elle. Sure maybe you’re gaining followers and attention but that is NOT going to get you anywhere in life.

If any of you posers are reading this let me say one thing before you completely ignore and hate on this message. You need to stop this madness. It’s great that you are all fans but what isn’t so great, is the posing. If you want followers and attention, make a really awesome Dakota and Elle or either or fan page and gain lots of followers and attention through that. But don’t pose… Because you’re becoming worse than paparazzi… And that, that is a scary thing.

So for Elle and Dakota and all of the confused fans… Delete your accounts please. Everyone is literally begging you now! Please stop!


Some cute Elle rares!

P.s I bet you that you will soon see these photos on a Elle/ dakota Instagram because they are all posers!

elle ‘s step dance, CR : By Keely ‘s vine #makefilter

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